Locations in the SavageHawk campaign.

Singleton – A frontier/border town of about 650 souls, located in the far norteastern corner of the Yeomanry League.

Location: Singleton sits on the Javan River where it brushes past the Jotens, on the far extreme northeast corner of the Yeomanry League. The town itself is tucked into a plain between the mountains and the river, and a series of canals feeds the town.  It is about five miles upriver from Cryllor (which is on the Keoish side of the river).

Singleton is truly the last port on the Javan River that is accessible by medium-sized craft, although Cryllor claims the title by the twin virtues of being a larger city, and having more extensive docks and warehouses. 

Description: Singleton is a well-fortified walled city.  The outer walls are twelve feet of stone, topped with six feet of wood.  The inner walls protect a raised garrisson, large enough to house over 100 troops; they are eighteen feet tall, on a six foot high hill of stone in the middle of the town.  Rumor has it that the town has never been taken by force.

Politics: Singleton is a border town, in every sense of the phrase.  The leading sources of income are the military, trade, and the endless string of adventurers who pass through the town.  The town's leaders have a very 'lassaiz-faire' approach to all three.  Simply put, as long as nobody gets hurt, they don't really care.




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