The man known as "Stitch" is of middling height, middling weight, middling age, and middling looks. He's only memorable because the scar of a bad wound, once poorly stitched, runs from his right temple to his jawline.


Stitch is associated with much of the 'other than legal' activity in the far northeastern corner of the Yeomanry League.  He's never been convicted or even accused of a crime, but it is suspected that he's the man to see if you need anything (or anything done) outside the law in Singleton. 

What is commonly known is that Stitch is a very wealthy man, that he owns a few warehouses, at least one mine, and a number of taverns, inns, and hostels.

Less commonly known, but easily found out is Stitch's name and some of his history.  His name is Reg Nacht, and while serving in the Yeomanry Army, he was stationed in Singleton for a year.  A few years later, he returned with a bag of jewels, purchased a couple of taverns and a hostel, and stuck around.  



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